Fwd: [DOR] THEME – Unusual or illegal marriages


Here is the answer to your question!

Whilst plodding through some old notes I came across the following:

From Lillington Bishops Transcripts:

Henry Smith illegitimate son of Susanna Banger bapt 23 Oct 1836.

So Henry’s father may have had the surname Smith?

There is also recorded another illegitimate child’s baptism: Ann Hardy dau
of Susanna Banger bapt 19 Jul 1829.

The only Susanna Banger I have details of was the dau of George Banger and
Caroline ****, but she died in 1822 aged 9. So your Susanna could not have
been a second dau of George & Caroline because the birth of Ann Hardy above
would have made her aged 7 = impossible!

I am sure that there is more to tell somewhere in the records!


Peter Benger


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