On Sat, 5 Feb 2005 17:29:53 +1000, Gary Blond wrote:

Have been reading the intertesting detail on your site re the Bengers.

Noted detail that was posted by you for 1841 Channel Isls. census and have
cut and pasted as per attached.

Can you answer a couple of questions for me.

Is this the census detail for your George and Jane LeBlond?

If so, should’nt Amelie Le Blond be on there as well? ( She was born C
1841? )

The George ( 3 year old ) would more than likely be my great grandfather,
who by my reckoning was born C1837 ( using his age ( 25 yoa ) as per his
marriage certificate of 1862 ). Do you agree with that?

As George ( the father ) is not listed on the census detail, can you assume
that perhaps he was at sea at the time?
Or deceased

I note that the detail was only posted on 11.1.2005. Have you only recently
obtained this info?

From http://members.shaw.ca/Jerseymaid/

I am fairly excited about that detail as it almost casts aside any doubt
that your Amelie and my George were sister and brother.

who was Joans acestor – Edward? Too many coincidenses if true


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