Distinguishing Features of the UK Edition

When the UK customisations are installed, The Master Genealogist takes on the following distinctive characteristics:

The splash screen and Help>About screen say “UK Gold Edition” or “UK Silver Edition”.

An additional “language” called “English (U.K.)” is installed automatically and selected by default. It reflects UK spellings and phrases on the screens and menus.

Five new UK-oriented timelines are automatically installed.

UK parish timelines

UK Census dates

G.R.O. dates

British Prime Ministers

British History

The internal spell checker supports 200+ additional UK spellings.

The state/province abbreviations, web place information, and web mapping features are updated to support Chapman codes.

The following Preferences > Program Options are customised :

Collation Sequence=General

Short Place Template=

Source Categories=Custom

Mapping Country=United Kingdom

Validate LAT/LONG value=OFF

A new Sample project uses UK tag types, styles, and source categories.

Help files, quick tips, and electronic Users Guide) which has been customised for a UK audience.

The Help > About window includes a new button which gives credit to some of the UK beta testers.

In addition, any new data sets (i.e., created after converting to the UK Edition), will reflect:

82 Custom UK source categories (including Apprenticeship records, GRO indexes, and others)

Custom source elements in support of those custom source types

A “UK Standard Name” style

A “UK Standard Place” style

Custom tag types, roles, and sentences, including:

Census 1841

Census 1851

Census 1861

Census 1871

Census 1881

Census 1891

Census 1901



Death Reg

Birth Reg

Marr Reg

The Preferences > Current Project Option > Other > Currency Character is customised to use GBP.

Note that customisations in this latter group are NOT applied to existing data sets. See the section below about applying UK customisations to an existing data set.

Current Users

Users who already have a standard (U.S.) installation of The Master Genealogist v6.0 or later can convert to the UK Edition by following these steps:

Download http://www.whollygenes.com/files/install_uk.zip.

Unzip that file, placing the contents directly into the TMG program folder.

Restart TMG.

Applying UK customisations to an existing data set

As noted above, the setting of new default tag types, name styles, place styles, and source categories does not affect existing data sets in any way. Those new defaults are only applied to data sets that are subsequently created.

To add those customised data types to an existing data set, you must make sure that you have plenty of valid backups and then perform the steps described below. All of these functions are performed from the Data Set Manager which is accessible from the File menu.

[Add] a new data set called, e.g., “New stuff”.

Leave all boxes unchecked.

Click on your data set to highlight it.

[Merge] it with your data set(s) using these settings:

Data set A: Your data set

Data set B: New Stuff

(x) Merge B to A (Data set B remains intact)

[Delete] the “New stuff” data set.

Set the Default Data Set Style to “UK Standard Place”

Note that some of the new tag types, styles, or source categories may have the same function and/or similar names as those that you previously created. In each such case, you may want to merge them or delete one of the redundant records.


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