Fw: [DOR] RE: THEME: emigration to Channel Islands

From: Diana

The climate was attractive in the Channels Islands. I don’t know if even
back then the taxes were less; that is the reason that my parents moved from
the mainland to the Channel Islands in the 1960s. And perhaps it was
employment offered. Perhaps he wasn’t making a good living as a butcher, but
was offering a steady job and housing by a family that had connections in
both the mainland and Jersey.

Yes, Jersey and Guernsey cows did originate in their respective islands.
There used also to be a breed of cow called the Alderney that was bred on
the island of Alderney. I believe it became extinct during the Nazi
occupation in WWII but could be wrong about that.

Happy hunting!

Diana Robinson
Now in Rochester, NY, USA

Hi Hugh and list,

I don’t know what the attraction of Jersey was or whether it was just the
lack of work in Dorset – but I have family who moved to the Channel Islands
about 1832 and ended up in St Heliers, Jersey.

They were David OSMENT and wife Jane and their eldest children – from
Sherborne, Dorset to Guernsey and then Jersey. David was a Butcher but
became a Coachman in Jersey.
In the 1860s another David OSMENT, born abt 1844 in Folke, Dorset moved to
Jersey and married there early 1880s. This David was a Bootmaker.

I’d be interested in what the attraction was – as it doesn’t appear to have
been the dairy industry. I assume Jersey and Guernsey cows came from the
Channel Islands but maybe they didn’t.



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