> —–Original Message—–
> From: Lambert, Clare
> Sent: Wednesday, 17 November 2004 15:52
> To: Winters, Hugh; Faleupolu, Milli; Sauni, Leighton; Fotu, Daniel;
> Fatuamaka, Melissa; Sanchez, Jamee; Ese, Siera; Johansen, Sarah
> Cc: Tinkler, Melanie; Vahry, Rachael
> Subject: HELP!
> Importance: High
> Hi Guys,
> I’ve got a huge favour to ask you all……at the moment the JetStream
> helpdesk is super busy. The change plan queue is still active, and is
> pointing to the JetStream team. We don’t know if these calls are change
> plan calls, or just customers trying different numbers to get through to
> Technical support. Phil has asked if we can please help…….so………
> I have set up a new queue in anticipation of the JetStart migration with a
> whisper of ‘JetStart’. What I would like to do is get you guys on this
> queue taking the change plan calls (on a priority 2, so that BX sales
> calls come first).
> Can you please record what you do with this call in Task Tracker under the
> ‘Broadband Four’ whisper? This means that I will be able to exclude these
> calls from your conversion rate calculation etc. It also means we will
> quickly be able to see whether these are actually change plan calls, or
> other types.
> If it’s a JetStream customer, and they need to change their plan, can you
> please action this via an FO service order (as we used to do in
> March/April).
> I will come up with a little something to say thanks to you all for
> helping out – but please remember that the JetStream guys have jumped on
> our queues many times to help us out, so it’s only fair we try to do
> something in return 🙂
> Any questions please see Rachael, Mel or I. Anyone who is in tomorrow
> morning before I’m in, and who has questions, please ring me on my cell
> phone (027 227 8762).
> Thanks heaps for helping with this!
> Clare

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