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No 183

16 November 2004

Hi Everyone and welcome to this weeks GENUKI Family History News. As usual
quite a bit to let you know about!


The Historical Families Of Dumfriesshire & The Border Wars 1889.

Preface: In a previous edition, I alluded too briefly to the important
Border war of the reigns of Robert Bruce and Edward I., but as the three
claimants to the Scottish
throne possessed lands in Dumfriesshire, who naturally took much share in
it, I have added a Chapter on the subject. In describing the different
families celebrated in
past ages, I have given greater prominence to those whose history has never
been published before, and who are still represented in the legitimate male
line. Owing to the custom of the sons of heiresses inheriting their mother’s
name, and of lands being rarely entailed exclusively on male heirs, it is a
very unusual circumstance to find two branches of one family claiming
unbroken male descent from the 15th century, as is the case with the
Johnstones, who numbered nine lairds (more than any other house in
Dumfriesshire), in 1581, and a tenth laird in Lanarkshire.
Family details help to illustrate the manners of a period, and assist in
elucidating some obscure points of national history.

Old Historical Books on CD.
Trade Directories, Maps, County & Local Interest.

JiGraH Resources.
Our growing range of books and maps contains the following directories:
Pigot’s Directory of Norfolk & Northamptonshire 1830 (includes original
Cookes’ Almanack & Directory of Richmond, Swaledale &c 1911.
Spencer’s Richmond Almanac, Diary, Directory and Swaledale and Wensleydale
Book of Reference 1915.
The directories for places outside London typically cover many villages and
hamlets around the main town of the title. Full details on our web site at

DNA and Family History: How Genetic Testing Can Advance Your Genealogical
ISBN: 1903365708
Publisher: The National Archives
RRP: 12.99
Author: Chris Pomery
Foreword by Steve Jones, Professor of Genetics, University College London
168 pages

You can buy the book direct from the author at
Your copy can be numbered, signed and dedicated as requested and dispatched


Pigot’s 1834 Directory of Yorkshire

Gore’s Liverpool Directory 1796
A very early alphabetical list of the tradesmen, merchants and principal
inhabitants of Liverpool.

Traditions of Lancashire 1882
A witty little book that will amuse those currently living in Lancashire or
those with Lancashire ancestors.

Eton School Lists (1791 – 1852)
The Eton School list includes the boy’s names (and sometimes nicknames),
their form, date of death and profession after graduating. The biographical
details for some are quite extensive

Athenae Oxonienses
These vast books, 23cm by 30cm in size contain an exact history of all
educated at the University of Oxford.

First Aid & Home Nursing
A collection of four books on one CD. These books tellsus the medical
practices and theories of First Aid in the late 19th and early 20th
centuries. If your ancestor worked as a nurse or for the St John’s Ambulance
then these books will be a treasure, informing you about their life and

The English Herbal Physician
Although this is an incredibly old book, the contents are as fascinating now
as ever, especially when more and more people are turning to alternatives
medicines for solutions. Fully searchable

Fairholt’s Costume in England
What differentiates this book from others of it’s type is the second volume
which is a glossary including pictures. From this you get a sense not only
of how the clothes were worn but why they were worn and where the idea and
name came from.

Historical Records of the 53rd (Shropshire) Regiment.
The historical records of the regiment from it’s formation in 1755 to 1889

With the Flag to Pretoria A History of the Boer War 1899-1900
A real must for those with ancestors who fought in the Boer War or for those
interested in it’s history. An exceptionally well-illustrated set of books

After Pretoria: The Guerrilla War
This book covers all the battles and struggles of people involved in the
Guerrilla War, the politics, fighting and feelings of the time

Jollie’s Cumberland Guide and Directory 1811
Complete with Street Plan of Carlisle.An early directory that lists people
living in the area with their trade and address, but this book contains far
more than that. It also gives the reader an idea of what it was like to live
in this place in 1811

Dialect of Cornwall
The ancient language of Cornwall with an enlarged glossary of Cornish
provincial words

1871 Census, London Kent – Greenwich Registration District

Middlesex 1871 Census Registration Districts
RG10 /1303-1348
Note: excludes central London parts of Middlesex. For those, see 1871 London
set above.

Sussex 1861 Census Registration Districts
RG 9/557-630

A nice site, with transcriptions of wills on it. Full transcriptions are
provided. OK, there are not that many on the site at the moment, but you
never know how the site will grow, and in the meantime it deserves our
support. Easy to navigate, and the information is provided in an easily
understandable format, this is a great little site, and there are not enough
sites with probate information on them! Well indexed, the only reservation I
have is that some of the fonts I found were small, and could be a problem
for some people.

Web site of the Islington Archaeology and History Society. Lots of detail
about the history of Islington as well as general details about the Society
and its events. I found the history if Islington section very informative
indeed . There were also lots of pictures of historical places in Islington,
including Lenins house! If you have family roots in the Islington area of
London, and lots of us do, this site will be very useful to you, and
probably very interesting too. Nicely designed, and easy to navigate this
web site is a real pleasure to browse


LLOYD, Jane, dau of Robert & Dorothy, 11 Sep 1844, Whitford, Flint
TIDEY, Mollie Martha, dau of James & Minnie, 9 Jan 1888, Ashford, Kent

BULLOCK, Benjamin, aged 71 Years, 19 Sep 1887, Stourbridge, Worcestershire
OGDEN, Peter, aged 62, 28 June 1890, Blackburn, Lancashire
SUMMER, Eliza, aged 24 years, 13 Dec 1855, Audley, Staffordshire
THOMPSON, Joseph, aged 10 Years, 17 Sep 1851, Bradford, Yorkshire
THOMPSON, Joseph, aged 25 Years. 21 Jan 1852, Bradford, Yorkshire

If this is of use to you in your own personal research, drop me a line
At gfhn@thompson04.wanadoo.co.uk and I will put you in touch with the
current holder
Meanwhile, if you have a certificate you don’t need that may be of use to
someone else then drop me a line, and we will advertise it in an upcoming
newsletter .

If you have a spare certificate that is of no use to you at all then you can
either send me the details via email, or send me the certificate. If the
certificate is sent to me then it will be sent on to any enquiries. After
six months if nobody has claimed the certificates as interesting to their
research then they will be deposited at the SoG library. I will however keep
all the details of the certificate on file and where possible pass them on
to any relevant one name studies registered with the Guild of One Name

We only publish certificates more than 100 years old, but pass all
certificates on.

The address for spare certificates to be sent to is:
Rob Thompson, GFHN, 6 Sinclair Road, Shurdington, Cheltenham, GL51 4SG


I am very new to researching the family history, but with the help of others
I have got back to 1711 for the marriage of John Warboys to Elizabeth
Wilson. They married in Abbington Piggots, Cambridgeshire, England. The
name Warboys changed over the years to Worboys, but they all came from the
Cambridge and Hertfordshire areas. I wonder if you have others over the
years researching this name? I would love to hear from you if you have

Best wishes.

June Smith


Need proof of parents and birthplace for Richard Harwood, born about 1795 as
he was 55 on US 1850 census,states bp England LDS IGI file has a record of
birth for a Richard Harwood born 4 May 1794 so this is a good bet, parents
William Harwood and Frances Kirklington, Nottingham, England. My Richard
came to America about 1825. How do I search Kirklington, Nottingham records?
please send response to aaf@alltel.net

William HOMER migrated to Rockhampton Queensland Australia 1879 aged 19-21
aboard “Scottish Lassie”. He left London/Birmingham 2.2.1879.
William was born at either London or Birmingham. Catherine House records a
William HOMER born 1860 at Walsall ( 6b. 627 ) and a William HOMER at
London, although family stories favour the Birmingham entry. He died in
Queensland 1914 and his death certificate states that his parents were
William-again-and Sarah Davis- a marraige listed in 1851 in Aston XV1
William Snr. supposedly had “a big glass orchard in Birmingham growing fruit
and vegetables, a brother John was watchmaker-had two jewellry shops when he
died in 1915.”
My father Edward HOMER died when I was six and his father-William Jnr.died
when Edward was ten so the above information is all I have to hand. Are
there any relatives researching this family?
Sincerely Del Ward deward@austarnet. com.au

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Above all Information sharing is the reason this newsletter exists!


BLOUNT/BLUNT-All names -1500`s-1700`s Mixbury , and that area of
Oxon/Warks/Northants/Bucks border.My Name -Kate E-Mail :-
FORRESTER, George, b c1836, d1905, Hackney, Middlesex,
HORNER. John born about 1780, Chardstock, Dorset. ehomewood@charter.net
RHSS Lewis Godfrey born c. 1778 ‘in foreign parts’ megmurray@lineone.net

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we will try to keep it at a minimum!


Thats all for this week hope you found something of interest. Please keep
your news and views coming in! Remember its your news that feeds the

Have a good week


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