Hi there committee members 🙂

As part of the continuing improvement of the Buy Xtra project, Rachael, Mel
& I have developed a new Buy Xtra bible. The reason we’ve done this is that
we are aware that there are currently 2 different bibles in use, and it is
getting increasingly more difficult to ensure that everyone is always
looking at the same information!

Please click on the below link to access the new bible (which is currently
in test mode). I’d really appreciate it if you could review it, and give me
your feedback. If you are happy with what we’ve done, we’d like to roll it
out to the team. If your not, we’d like to incorporate your feedback before
it goes live

In addition, on this site you will find the revised Buy Xtra Business rules.
We have re-done these in anticipation of the new QA guidelines (they will
work in tandem). When you review the site, can you also please have a look
at these? Again, I’d really like your feedback before we roll this out to
the team. I have tried to make things a bit simpler (i.e. only having to
create Vantive cases for sales, when we make a special offer to a customer
to try to win the sale, or for customer complaints/compliments). Phil is
happy with these, so as long as they make sense to you, we’ll roll them out
to the team along when we do the new bible.

Thanks for you help with this!
If you’ve got any questions, please just pop over and see me.


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