Fw: PERSONAL…………. Re: Fw: [Lon]

——-Original Message——-
From: *Janet*
Date: 10/23/04 13:57:31
To: Liz
Subject: PERSONAL…………. Re: Fw: [Lon]
Hello Liz,
I hoped it wouldnt come to this and because you have unreasonably
supported members who attacked me in group mails and personal mails I
have no alternative but to report it to Rootsweb.  You do have a
responsibility for mails that get sent to me because your group is
sent to send mails that your members send to the group, also to the
sender.   Any mails that are sent under the name of your group after a
member has unsubscribed are unsolicited content.
I have been informed by your existing members that apparently your
group has been reported to Rootsweb before without effect.   I am a
group owner.  I know what can be done to restrain people to reasonable
purpose.  You declined to do that.  I think you know how things would
be if you put yourself in my position.  I am sorry for you if you are
afraid of members who are not equal moderators.  I wouldnt be a
co-owner under those conditions not for anything.

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