Fw: [NZ] Re: World War I soldiers

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From: Heather Higgins
Date: 10/20/04 18:16:39
To: NEW-ZEALAND-L@rootsweb.com
Subject: [NZ] Re: World War I soldiers

Hi Kerrie
Not sure if this will help you but its a start. This is the NZ Defence Force
s website
and the text below the address is a bit I copied for you to show whats
Someone you know may be able to identify a photo for you perhaps.

In accordance with guidelines set by Government the NZDF may, under the
Official Information Act, charge for the provision of information to defray
costs. Generally the following will apply:

a.. Own service file – no charge.
b.. One individual’s file within a 12 month period – no charge.
c.. Two or more files, or repeated requests in the same 12 month period –
$28 per service personnel file.
d.. A 12 month period is from 1 July to 30 June.
Cheque should be made payable to ‘The New Zealand Defence Force’ and
overseas payments by a bank draft drawn on a New Zealand Bank. We do not
take Credit Card transactions. Payment must be received before a request can
be processed.


The Archives does not have a computer database. All the records are paper
based so it is important that you submit as much information as possible to
assist the Archive Clerks in identifying the correct file.

Details required:

Full Given Names.
Any other names known by.
Date and place of birth.
Living or Deceased.
Service number.
Navy / Army / Air Force.
Period of Service / years served.
Regiment / Battalion / Unit.
Next-of-kin at time of enlistment.
Address at time of enlistment.
Occupation at time of enlistment.

Customer details:

Full name.
Full postal address.
Phone number or E-mail.



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From: “Kerrie”
Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 2004 1:58 AM
Subject: World War I soldiers

> Is there any way to find out what battalion a soldier was in during World
War I?
> I have a Hugh Richard Seddon Burke who served in the army and survived but
I have no idea what battalion he was in.
> Any suggestion welcome
> Regards
> Kerrie
> Australia
> ______________________________

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