Fw: Commission Junction Customer Satisfaction Survey

——-Original Message——-
Date: 10/23/04 07:14:49
Subject: Commission Junction Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dear Hugh Winters,

In the next several days you will receive an email from Gantz Wiley Research, an independent survey consultant, inviting you to participate in the 2004 Commission Junction Customer Satisfaction Survey. Because the sender of this invitation email will be unfamiliar to you, we wanted to notify you of its validity in advance. Gantz Wiley Research is administering this survey to ensure the confidentiality of your responses.

Your feedback is important and will help Commission Junction to improve the quality of the products and services you experience.


Elizabeth M. Cholawsky, Ph.D.
Vice President, Marketing and Product Development
Commission Junction, a ValueClick Company



You have received this survey announcement because you are a client in the CJ Marketplace or BFAST� Partner Gateway. To opt out of receiving messaging related to this survey, please reply to this email. To reach Commission Junction, please do not reply to this email. Please use the “Ask a Question” feature available by selecting the “Contact Us” link available in your CJ Account Manager or use the “Get Help” feature within the Partner Gateway.

To opt out of the survey itself that originates from the survey consultant, please use the opt out link located in the survey invitation e-mail sent by Gantz Wiley Research.


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