FW: Unbundled Bitstream Service (UBS)

> —–Original Message—–
> From: Lambert, Clare
> Sent: Tuesday, 19 October 2004 09:35
> To: NZ XTRA -Buy Xtra CSR’s
> Subject: Unbundled Bitstream Service (UBS)
> Hi Guys,
> I thought I should just provide some clarity around UBS, and how it
> relates to us.
> What is it?
> Essentially, Telecom are giving wholesalers access to the JetStream
> network so that they can sell it as their own service, rather than as
> Telecom JetStream. This only applies to the old surf plans, and does not
> apply to any of the new plans or speeds that are launching on 25th
> October.
> What does it mean for us?
> If a customer wants their ISP to deliver JetStream as an end-to-end
> solution (internet connection + service over the phone line), they need to
> contact their ISP (only Orcon, iHug, CallPlus, WorldxChange & TelstraClear
> are wholesalers).
> However if the customer wants to take Telecom JetStream (and the
> associated promotion), and have their internet provider as another ISP
> (any, including iHug, Orcon, Paradise etc) then we can sign them up. We
> just need to make sure we use the non-Xtra spot codes in the service
> order. This means that the service over the phone line is delivered by
> Telecom, and the internet connection is with another ISP. This customer
> will still need to call their ISP and advise them of this in order to
> obtain a login ID and Password. PS: The ISP fees are separate to what will
> be displayed on their Telecom bill.
> So…..unless a customer asks you for UBS (or unbundled bitstream
> service), or says that they want to have the whole end-to-end service with
> another ISP, we can sign them up on Telecom JetStream, and then whatever
> ISP they choose.
> Hope this all makes sense! Please come and see either Mel or myself if it
> doesn’t.
> Clare

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