FW: JetStream Package Revisions

> —–Original Message—–
> From: Lambert, Clare
> Sent: Thursday, 23 September 2004 17:25
> To: NZ XTRA -Buy Xtra CSR’s
> Subject: JetStream Package Revisions
> Importance: High
> Hi All,
> I have just been notified that Telecom will be announcing to the market
> tomorrow revisions to the JetStream packages. The changes will be
> effective late October but by law must be pre-announced to the public.
> I am not yet aware of what these specific changes will be.
> An informer is being prepared by Xtra and will be distributed as soon as
> it is available (OCC will probably send this out, as it is likely to be
> after hours tonight). Can you all please record any calls from customers
> about this announcement as ‘Xtra Announcement’ (it is a new product type
> that has been loaded into Task Tracker along with ‘dial-up’, ‘business’
> etc). If we record all the calls and find that there is significant
> volume I will be able to get these calls removed from the conversion rate.
> TEAM – Together Each Achieves More.
> Once again sorry for the late notice, Jason and I are working with Xtra to
> try to ensure we get more notice of these events in future.
> Cheers,
> Clare

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