FW: LA Staged S/O’s

> —–Original Message—–
> From: Tinkler, Melanie
> Sent: Tuesday, 21 September 2004 14:14
> To: NZ XTRA -Buy Xtra CSR’s
> Cc: Lambert, Clare
> Subject: LA Staged S/O’s
> Team,
> There seem to be a lot of service orders coming back to LA stage and they
> are being sent back for the following reasons
> * DH service orders – when ordering the new D-Link modems no SAL code
> is being entered. If you don’t enter this the spot screen is erased.
> * FA, FJ & FP services orders being run when the customer already has
> * Some people are also changing the Start work date (DON’T TOUCH THIS
> Can we please all help each other out here and stop and double check a few
> things before we race through and process the order. Your help on this
> will help Lloyd and his 2 hours he is spending on a daily basis clearing
> up these errors.
> Last but not least can we all please not confirm an installation time with
> the customer, I realise that their will be some customers who are wanting
> to organise it with you over the phone but it’s actually generating more
> calls into our queue when the technicians haven’t arrived and in turn this
> is generating customer complaints when the installers aren’t following
> through with the time we specify on the actual FJ & FP service orders.
> If the customer wants a morning installation please make sure the time
> specified on the service order states 1159 or 1659 for an afternoon
> install.
> If you don’t understand any of this information please come see Lloyd,
> Clare or myself
> Thanks in advance
> Mel

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message is prohibited. If you have received this message in
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