1851 – HO 107


Piece No. 2131 – Folio 135, Nottm St Mary
Sch 179, ??Daven’t Place
Samuell CRESSWELL, Hd, Md, 39, ?Clock Maker, b. Derbyshire, Smalley
Ann CRESSWELL, Wf, Md, 35, b. ?Hingelsby, Lincoln
Ann FOSTER, Lodger, ?U, 30, Shoe Binder, b. Bridgford, Notts

Piece No. 2132 – Folio 283
Schedule 114, Clarence Yard No. 2, Nottm St Mary
Joseph CRESSWELL, Hd, Md, 24, Lace Maker, b. New Basford, Notts
Elizabeth CRESSWELL, Wf, Md, 23, Lace Mender, St Mary Nottm
Sarah A HUSKINSON, Visitor, U, 24, Lace Mender, b. St Mary Nottm

Piece No. 2132 – Folio 301
Sch 21, 19 Mansfield Terrace, Nottm St Mary
Sarah CRESWELL, Hd, W, 76, Income from Clergy Society, Notts, Walesby
Eliza COOPER, Dau, W, 40, Schoolmistress, b. Notts, Clayworth
Lucy CRESSWELL, Dau, 37, U, -, b. Notts, Clayworth
Mary CRESSWELL, Dau, ?50, U, Housekeeper, b. Notts, Clayworth
Edward BELL, Visitor, Md, 43, Horse Dealer, b. Lincoln, ?Coston
Ann BELL, Visitor, Md, 37, -, b. Notts, Clayworth
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