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Date: 09/03/04 05:43:23
To: hugh@xtra.co.nz
Subject: Google AdSense™: New features

Google AdSense™:
New features
We’re pleased to introduce a number of new features to your account.
Multiple ad units
To provide even more value to your users, and to help you further monetize
your web pages, we’re allowing publishers to place up to three ad units on
every web page. Our system will automatically recognize the additional ad
units, and will serve unique ads to each. Your ad units can each have
different color palettes, formats, and alternate ad URLs, providing you with
the flexibility you need to incorporate Google ads into your site design.
Collapsing ad units
An additional option for your alternate ad content, Google’s collapsing ad
units ensure that your page space is used to its maximum potential at all
times. When targeted ads aren’t available for an ad unit, the collapsing ad
unit feature will shrink the empty ad unit, so that blank ad spaces are
eliminated from your page. For instructions on implementing this feature,
please read the AdSense FAQ.
New name for WebSearch
We’re dropping the ‘WebSearch’ from ‘WebSearch plus AdSense for search.’
This monetized search feature will now be referred to simply as AdSense for
search – but all of the same great features remain. For more information on
providing customized Google internet and site search to your users and
earning money from clicks on targeted ads, please read our FAQ.
Multiple domains for AdSense for search SiteSearch
Your Search Settings page now provides you with the option of specifying
multiple domains for SiteSearch. Simply enter up to three domains when
generating your search code – your AdSense for search box will list each
domain with a radio button, allowing your users to choose the site on which
they would like to search.
Ads by Goooooogle
We’re currently running a test with new branding features on Google ads. You
may notice some of your pages displaying ‘Ads by Goooooogle’ ad units. We
welcome your feedback on this new look, and we’ll be analyzing the results
of this test over the next while.
How to contact us
We’re very excited about these new features, and we’re always happy to
answer any questions you may have about them, or about the AdSense program.
You can contact us at adsense-support@google.com.
The Google Team

Contact us: If you have any questions, please email us at
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announcement to update you about important new AdSense features.
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product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they
are associated.


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