Fw: Re: [Lon] Lookup requirements for various censuses

Subject: Re: [Lon] Lookup requirements for various censuses
I do not have census CDs myself but I understand some of the problems of
the good folk who have helped me find people
This comments are about London

1841 – an address with full registration district details – really try
to clarify where the street is- I gather it does not have a street index

1851 and 1861 address – not just street include suburb

If your folk were in a business in those years ask for a trade directory
lookup as various listers have a range of CDs to possible find an address.

1871 onwards – well it seems many listers have availability to a surname
index – but you need to give full name and place born and age expected –
occupation – whatever you know – and if you have an address well that
too. Some of these index have transcription problems – so people may
need to identify in round about ways

1881 for name search is at http://www.familysearch.org/
1881 is also available on http://www.familyhistoryonline.net both for free

1901 index for free search is at
http://www.1901census.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ but looking at the data
does cost

Also on line is with some census available is FreeCEN
http://freecen.rootsweb.com/ – a volunteer effort to transcribe for
surname lookup and it is free

If 1881 or 1901 are difficult to find your folks then do ask the list
as above – sometimes a different approach can help

Ron Lankshear – Sydney Aust (born London – Shepherds Bush/Chiswick)


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