Fw: I am concerned about a message I have received.

——-Original Message——-

From: Jeanagh Punter
Date: 08/29/04 12:50:57
To: Hugh
Subject: I am concerned about a message I have received.

Dear Hugh,

I have received a copy of a message sent to you which has caused me some
concern. I don’t think that it should be circulating in the public domain,
and can only assume that it is being done to boost Rob Burns’s ego.

Some of the remarks are a bit close to the knuckle, especially about
Antipodeans being the List Admins, surely it doesn’t matter where you live?
If he is so concerned that the two of you live too far away, perhaps you
would consider me, a UK resident, as an addition to the team to calm his
fears .

I won’t comment on the rest of Rob’s remarks as I find the tone offensive
and patronising towards you.

From: “Robert Burns”
To: “Hugh”
Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2004 4:54 PM
Subject: Re: [WAR] Co Listowner

So now we have two list admins. What benefit is this going to give? Hugh
if you don’t have the time to run them yourself then give up. After all
you took them on and agreed to a number of things when you started the lists

If you are now finding difficulty with this stop taking more on.

OK next point and I don’t care if I get unsubbed. It seems that UK county
lists have to be policed by antipodean’s meaning that any request from a
UK resident where problems are occurring with the list have to wait until
over in AUS and NZ get up and deal with it. Surely a UK based admin would
have aided the list better. No disrespect Wendy. But then I guess you
have chosen Wendy because she like you thinks the list should be a look up
zone. Something that Rootsweb and the rest of us disagree with. These
lists are there to disseminate information not lock it away and hide it from

After all Pickards pages are doing a great job but I would still
sooner see the original rather than a transcription and if there is access
to the original on list then we should be able to request that.

So please HUGH and Wendy tell us how you intend to run this list. Are we
allowed to ask for census lookups? Are we allowed to ask for Parish
Register Lookups or is this list going to be devoid of that and stuck at
all Im looking for hoe bloggs anyone connect. After all that’s what it
sounds like.

Oh and Wendy thanx for the recent illigit postings they were very


I hope you don’t mind me bringing this to your attention.

Kind regards,

1841/91 Census transcriptions of Warwickshire?
See Warwickshire Ancestors’ Project ~


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