Fwd: Ted Wildy Index

— “P. Simpson” wrote:
From: “P. Simpson”
Subject: Ted Wildy Index
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 11:03:07 +1200

Hugh it was great to talk to you.
Since our conversation I tracked down an email address for Faye Guthrie and
I have sent her a vague email asking her if she is still involved with the
At this stage I thought a diplomatic enquiry to see how she answers may be
I am in total agreement with you as to your need to retain control of what
you have and The rootsweb getting hold of it seems bizarre. I am sure if we
could get a copy of at least the UK data it would be published publicly and
available and handled ethically as a permanent index by reputable trustees.

I will introduce you to the GOONS marriage index manager by way of separate
email soonest.

Kind regards

Peter Simpson
49 Anzac St
Auckland 1309

Ph: 4896870

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