Contact Details

Name: Hugh Winters

Address: 2/112 Kolmar Rd

Papatoetoe 1701

New Zealand

Phone: 09 2782557

Mobile 025 2466207

Email Address:

Career Objectives

Summary: Looking for a new role in the Telecommunications Industry in the call centre/customer/sales areas. Either at the coal face or at a managerial level.

My extensive experience in customer services and call centre enviroments over the past thirty years will enable me to make a considerable contribution to your company.

I can bring realiability(2 jobs in 30 years) and a good attendance record)

My strength is experience in life and in my chosen job.


Institution: Dargaville High

City/Country: NZ

Qualifications: School Certificate Higher School Certificate

Completed: 1969

Employment History

Teletech NZ Start Date: Oct 1997

End Date: Currently Employed

Position/Title: Sales Consultant



Assisting customer inquiries with connections to the internet

Assistance with troubleshooting connection problems

Answering billing or logistic inquiries

Providing solutions to connection problems to Xtra

Selling Internet Dialup and Jetstream Services on commission basis.

Providing information about xtraa services to potential customers

Telecom NZ Start Date: Jan 1978

End Date: Sep 1996

Position/Title: Customer Services Rep



Inbound and Outbound Customer services

Assisting customer with pricing of call charges

Credit card verification

Assisting customer with worldwide time differences

Handling overseas calls

Handling 111 emergency calls

Incharge of stores and supplies within the call centre

Support Assistant

Acting Team Leader

Skill Summary

Non Technical Skills: Communication and Team Player skills includes the ability to work towards customer satisfaction and participate as part of a team to achieve targets and goals. Ability to provide correct information in order for customers to take up our products. Able to provide answers to customers objections in closing a sale. Able to provide feedback for new ideas.

Computer Skills: Anti Virus; Intermediate

MS Access; Beginner

MS Excel; Beginner

MS Office; Intermediate

MS Word; Beginner

MS Word; Intermediate

People Soft; Advanced

DBASE 4; Intermediate

MS DOS; Intermediate

MS Windows; Advanced

Windows 95; Advanced

Windows NT; Intermediate

Other: Vantive Database System, ICMS(Telecoms Customer Management System), Outlook






Other Information

I have an online business selling cd roms and hard copy

through an affiliate…

I am a listowner for a number of mailing lists.


Ben Subritzky

Phone: 09 5293070

Organisation/Position: Team Leader


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