1. Elizabeth Tomlinson
sp: John Wells (b.1742;m.1767)
2. Samuel Wells
sp: Alice Scattergood (m.1823)
2. Elizabeth Wells
2. Thomas Wells (b.1767)
sp: Fanny Moore (m.1791)
2. John Wells (b.1769)
sp: Mary Newton (m.1794)
2. William Wells (b.1774)
sp: Sarah Ann Flower (b.1773;m.1796)
3. Samuel Wells
sp: Sarah Dodson (m.1817)
3. William Wells (b.1797)
3. Thomas Wells (b.1799;d.1894)
sp: Sarah Creswell (b.1813;m.1829;d.1876)
3. Richard Wells (b.1801)
sp: Ann Wardley (m.1825)
3. Elizabeth Wells (b.1809)
3. Mary Ann Wells (b.1812)
sp: Richard Allcott (m.1830)
2. Samuel Wells (b.1780)
2. Richard Wells (b.1782)
2. Elizabeth Wells (b.1786)
2. Ann Wells (b.1789)
sp: Charles Leavers (m.1815)


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