Fw: Re: Le Blond

——-Original Message——-

From: Hugh
Date: 08/26/04 07:14:18
To: gblond@powerup.com.au
Subject: Re: Le Blond


Joans family is my family…She brings up a name Louis Venard wfich is my
grandfathers best man
at his wedding in 1922 in Auckland. Joan also sent me a photograph of a Le
Blond which I already had a copy of.

I would like any info you have


——-Original Message——-

From: Gary Blond
Date: 08/26/04 00:14:42
To: hugh@xtra.co.nz
Subject: Le Blond


Received your message re LeBlond/Blond on Rootsweb.

I agree with you-I’m sure we are on the same family, and have been
corresponding re this matter with Joan Laws for over two years.

Unfortunately, the hard evidence has not surfaced to show that my g
grandfather George Louis Blond ( LeBlond ) is the son of George LeBlond and
Jane Mournnier!!

Below is a quote from Joan to her researcher in Channel Isls. Joan states “
believes his g/g grandfather was also called George LeBlond “. I do know
that his name was George L. Blond/George Louis Blond and his marriage certif
of 20 Sept. 1862 in Sydney Aust. ( I have a certified copy ) has George
stating that his father was George L. Bond ( sic? ) and mother was Jane
Monack.( allowing for pronunciation and errors on certificates, that’s damn
close )
He states that he was 25yoa making his year of birth C1837, his occupation
was ‘mariner’ ( as was his father ) and he was born in Jersey.

Joan and I have known in our hearts that he is the brother of Edward LeBlond
but have no hard evidence to prove it!

“George LeBlond (born Circa 1801 in France) married Jeanne LeMonnier, born
circa 1829 in Jersey.
I know for sure that they had a son called Edward and a daughter called
Amelia, in fact I have quite a bit of information on them both.

My problem is that I am in touch with Gary from Australia who believes his
g/g father was also called George LeBlond, born in Jersey circa 1833/5.
According to family stories his parents were called George and
Jane(Jeanne). This could just be coincidence but it’s quite possible that
this George is also the son of George and Jeanne and therefore the brother
of Edward and Amelia.”
I have seen most of the info. before that you have included in your message
and have corresponded with you before with very little return.

I will gladly provide any info you want that may solve this question that
has plagued me for over 20 years.

Yours in hope.

Gary Blond


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