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Hi, it is a shareware program called EZIndex by John V Holder – you should
be able to find it on the net which is where I got it from – cost US$30.
I have only used the databaser and index maker but this is what it is all
about – quote:
EZIndex is two software tools, corresponding to the two steps of creating a
high-quality index:
Step 1: EZIndex. This control panel lets you generate a list of terms as you
read your electronic manuscript. The touch of a hotkey grabs pieces of text
for indexing. As you go, you can define entries or sub-entries for terms
that don’t necessarily appear in the text, too.  EZIindex then saves this
information, with page numbers, to a file.
If you’re working from printed pages, you may prefer to use EZIndex
Databaser, which lets you create index entries with as little typing as
Step 2: EZIndex Maker. Just drag the resulting EZIndex file onto this
application. In seconds, your fully formatted index – complete with indented
sub-entries, collated page numbers (“34-40”), and commas – is ready to
>> Hi Jill, if you are working on a Mac I can suggest a very good indexing
>> program I have just used to index a book with 3000 names. Multiple entries
>> of names are shown as Brown, John, 3, 15, 105 etc and subtitles can be used.
>> I don’t think it is available for a Windows machine however. Let me know if
>> you want any further details.
>> Regards
>> Margaret Parkes
> Hi Margaret
> Tell us what the program is, please do.
> Graham Hoult
> Kirwee
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