Date: 08/22/04 02:12:41


Subject: [DOR] ADMIN: Genealogical materials, commercial posts, and RootsWeb’s AUP

Dear Listers,

Every once in a while there is a post to the list which violates

RootsWeb’s AUP regarding commercial posts. Invariably, when I remind a

subscriber of the AUP and list guidelines, I am told one or both of two

things: “other lists allow commercial posts” and “you are inhibiting

the free flow of information and preventing subscribers from learning

about resources that will enhance their research.”

The first statement is comparable to “All the other mums say it’s okay”

and has just as much validity. 😉 Every time this subject comes up I

double check with RootsWeb and am always told advertising is not allowed.

As for inhibiting the free flow of information, well, the RootsWeb

mailing lists are not free-for-alls. They are here solely for the

purpose stated on each list’s information page.

Of course, we all do want to keep apprised of what resources are

available to buy. How can this be done? You can subscribe to some

RootsWeb lists that are allowed to post commercial messages. There are

several lists set up for this very purpose. See the Genealogical

Materials section at Included in this

section is GEN-MAT-UKI-L list, set up specifically for materials of

interest to those doing United Kingdom research. (If you don’t want to

be bombarded with too many messages, select Digest mode.)

If you have a favourite vendor, check with them. There are many

genealogy companies that have their own mailing lists and will alert you

to new additions to their catalogues and bargains.

Another good source of information is the GENUKI Family History News

newsletter. This excellent newsletter not only alerts subscribers to

new resources, it also lists additions to the GENUKI web site, contains

reviews of interesting web sites, and usually has a list of unwanted

certificates. To subscribe, send a message containing the single word

subscribe (and no other text or sig files) to

Hope this helps! 🙂

Best wishes,


List Admin.

PS Administrative posts are not for discussion on list. If you have

constructive comments or concerns, please contact me privately off

list. Thanks!

==== DORSET Mailing List ====

Keep messages to the list on topic. No off-topic subjects, e-Bay links,

announcements, or the like without prior permission from the

administrator (


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