From: Liz

Date: 08/22/04 18:43:31

To: Hugh

Subject: Re: Fw: ENTRAPMENT

Hugh wrote:

> I have just received this from a former lister




> There has been problems regarding the free use of ancestry through a site

> that was a trial only


> (gale). When I said to listers this was off topic, this guy has harassed and

> threatened me.




> I did not invite comments off list. I have not replied to him at all.




> Letting you know in advance what this guy is capable of.

Dear Hugh,

Horrid stuff.

However I think you made a bit of a problem for yourself by not giving

the WAR List this basic information ….

“The Gale Thompson site is a business which provides access to certain

databases for *institutions* like schools and libraries. For this they

charge large sums of money, more than an individual could afford. The

‘free trials’ are for potential customers not for the general public.

However from time to time the usernames and passwords are circulated

illegaly on the Internet. Anyone using this information becomes a

hacker. Anyone passing on these confidential usernames and passwords is

also committing an illegal act. To allow Rootsweb Lists to be used to

pass on this information would be irresponsible of the Listowner and

could involve Rootsweb in any action Gale Thompson might choose to take

for hacking their trial site. A visit to the Gale Thompson website via

Google makes it clear what their business is and that they do *not*

offer ‘free trials’ to the general public. Therefore offering these

passwords etc is banned from this and many other Lists.”

Feel free to copy that bit and post it to your WAR List ….. they seem

to need an explanation




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