Hello Hugh

Thank you for your e-mail. I honestly dont remember you coming to my home but I guess you must have. It must have been sometime ago and perhaps I wasnt home & you spoke to my husband,I.m sure I would have shown you some of my research.

If you are interested as every date you can find, finds its place in that giant jig saw puzzle -In the last four days Herald ,the following death notices, that might be of interest.to you.

GEARD IAN SAMUEL – Sister of Josephine & Patrick etc. July 26th 2004 aged 68

MAKA ROYAL July 21 2004 aged 55

RINGROSE ADA MARY July 21st 2004 aged 91

I havnt any old photos-only my father in law Thomas Smith & of my immediate family, Pauline my sister in law has just about finished her book on her mothers side & she will soon be getting seriously on to her fathers side. The Smiths.- She will probably be getting in touch with you. has she is the photographer.

Keep in touch



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