From: Rosemary Eisenhauer

Date: 07/12/04 05:51:04


Subject: Re: Donohill et al

G’Morning, Jerry. Thanks for your contribution to the Donohill discussion. I

was prompted by Terry’s request for information and because I am always

interested in learning more about County Tipperary myself. It helps when

someone puts a human face on the search, don’t you agree?

Alas, I could not access your photos of the graveyards and churches at the

website you recommended. I kept getting “This page not found.” What am I

doing wrong?

What I am also very curious about now is finding the name of an 18th c. RC

Church in the RC Parish of Anacarty (a.k.a the Civil Parish of Donohill).

St. Brigid’s is dated 1870. Immaculate Conception between 1824 and 1836.

There must have been an earlier church–although in all likelihood if there

were, those Parish Records would be held in sequence by the 19th c. Churches

in the same area.

That could narrow the search for some Listers

So we’ve made a good start.

Best, Rosemary


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