Date: 07/11/04 18:09:59


Subject: Re: Donohill et al

Rosemary, I though I would add my two cents to the recent discussion regarding

Donohill and Anacarty. We visited St. Brigid’s in Anacarty two years ago and I

sent a few pictures I took of the church to Jo Mitchell for her Irish Churches

website – see

It looked to us that there was just one priest in charge of both churches at

Donohill and Anacarty. I was on my quest for my O’Dwyer ancestor’s birthplace

and we were especially interested in the fact that most of the readers,

communion assistants etc. at both churches were named O’Dwyer. The cemetery

adjacent to St. Brigid’s is well-kept. Some of the tombstones were shiny black

with gold lettering. A grave was being dug when we visited and I talked to a

couple of the grave diggers. Most of the people buried there were within the

last 50 years or so. I was told that most of the local people who died in the

19th century were buried at Kilpatrick Cemetery a couple of miles away.

Kilpatrick is about a mile from Dundrum and not too far from the Dundrum to Tipp

Town road. We visited the cemetery the next day and took pictures of many

O’Dwyer tombstones. Most of the people were from townlands around Dundrum and

Anacarty: Bahagha, Convent Cross, Clone, Mohera, Rosbeg, Knockgorman,

Ballysheedy, Bonera and Foilacluc.

Jerry Dwyer

Castro Valley, California


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