Info from 448pp book, “Anacarty/Donohill History’ published 1997 by

Anacarty/Donohill Cultural and Historical Society (now out of print


1. The modern parish of Anacarty/Donohill which lies chiefly in the barony

of Kilnamanagh and partly in the barony of Clanwilliam has a present day

population of approx 1,000 people. The parish is oblong in shape, situated

in the centre of the Diocese of Cashel and Emly, belonging to the western

side of Co. Tipperary and yet being in the Tipp. South Riding region.

2. Both Anacarty and Donohill are referred to as “villages” situated on good

ground. Donohill as a ‘large and quite rich’ parish.

Two of my ELLIGOT ancestors, Edmund (married 1837) and Michael (married

1826) probably brothers of my g/g/g/father Patrick, from Ballynillard

townland were from the townland of Grange, Donohill (marriage entries)

A “Grange” is described as ‘an outlying farmhouse in which a religious

establishment stored crops and tithes in kind’


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