Husband: Henry Smith Benger

Born: ABT. 1837 Place: Lillington, England

Died: 25 AUG 1928 Place: Te Kopuru, NZ 1

Married: 29 SEP 1861 Place: St Lawrence, Jersey 2

Buried: 27 AUG 1928 Place: Dargaville, NZ

Father: John Benger


Other Spouses:


Wife: Amelie Caroline LeBlond

Born: 1835 Place: St Peters, Jersey

Died: 12 JUL 1918 Place: Te Kopuru, NZ 3

Buried: 15 JUL 1918 Place: Dargaville, NZ

Father: George Le Blond

Mother: Jane ???

Other Spouses:




Child 1 (F): Amelia Elizabeth Benger

Born: 27 JUN 1863 Place: St Lawrence, Jersey 4

Died: 23 MAY 1925 Place: Te Kopuru, NZ 5

Buried: 26 MAY 1925 Place: Dargaville, NZ

Spouses: Joseph Winters


Child 2 (F): Alvina Susan Benger

Born: 20 DEC 1866 Place: St Laurence, JSY 6

Died: ABT. 1900 Place: Sydney, Australia

Buried: Place:



Child 3 (F): Ellen Eugenie Benger

Born: 2 AUG 1873 Place: St Laurence, JSY

Died: 17 MAR 1875 Place: Auckland, NZ

Buried: 21 MAR 1875 Place: Otahuhu, NZ




Henry Smith Benger was born Abt. 1837 in Lillington, England, and died 25 August 1928 in Te Kopuru, NZ1. He married Amelie Caroline LeBlond 29 September 1861 in St Lawrence, Jersey, daughter of George Le Blond and Jane.

More About Henry Smith Benger:

Buried: 27 August 1928, Dargaville, NZ Immigration: 1875, Auckland Ship and Arrival: Assaye, left London, 12 Sep 1874, arriving Auckland 26 Dec 1874 Occupation: Market Gardener Cause of Death: Chronic Bronchitis and myocarditis- 14 months Medical Information: Last seen by J A Marshall, 27 July, 1928

Marriage Notes for Henry Benger and Amelie LeBlond: Witnesses

Toni Dupre Jane Adelaide Collas

She could be their employer…

Amelie could not write.. X appears on licence

Will – NZ National Archives BBAE 1570 555/28



Immigration: 1875 Auckland

Ship and Arr: 1875 Assaye, Auckland, NZ

Occupation: Market Gardener

_MDCL Last s:



Notes for Amelie Caroline LeBlond: Date estimated through looking at Jersey 1851 census which lists her age as 16.

More About Amelie Caroline LeBlond:

Buried: 15 July 1918, Dargaville, NZ Ship and Arrival: 1875, Assaye, Auckland, NZ Occupation: Domestic Religion: Anglican Married: F 55 Cause of Death: Pneumonia-3 days Medical Information: Seen by doctor, same day as death.


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