Date: 05/29/04 01:11:22


Subject: Frequently Asked Questions – Links

This list of links to sites holding Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

documents and other information is posted to the following newsgroups:




Roy Stockdill’s Newbies Guide

The Woodgate Archive at

My own Getting Started, IGI and Census FAQs

This is the link to the archives of soc.genealogy.britain

and the Google archive:

At the top you will find a search box. You have the option of searching

just soc.genealogy.britain or all Google newsgroups

If you are planning a question it is very useful to search the

newsgroup archives with a keyword first ….. it may be that your

question has already been answered and is sitting in the archives. Given

that the database of archived messages is so huge properly used it can

be a good place to start.

For example …

Typing “Where can I buy the 1881 Census” gives 578 messages

Typing “Which census are available on CD” gives 7530 messages

Typing “UK Census Dates” gives 3310 messages

Typing “What is a Carman” gives 184 messages

Typing What is an Ostler gave 94 messages

List of Useful Links






Other BMD links

Latter Day Saints

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Federation of Family History Societies ( Census, Burials, MI etc. )

Gypsy and Circus, and other “entertainment” ancestors

Canal & Boat People …………….. HELP !

Free searches of 125,000 Black Sheep and Police 1860-1920 and WWII


FAQs etc

1901 Census Leftovers



Online Names Research Directory

Metropolitan Police

Railways Staff Registers (North-West 1869-1950)



The Scottish GRO record site

Isle of Islay Project (lots of transcriptions, pictures etc. on this

page, very helpful

Online Names Research Directory,



Online Names Research Directory,



Online Names Research Directory,

Family Tree Maker’s article on “Researching Irish Roots”


Rootsweb Guide to Tracing Irish Families

Tracing Your Irish Ancestors


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