From: Jetstream

Date: 04/14/04 18:48:37


Subject: Xtra JetStream Surf Flat Rate login & password information for Hugh & Luisa Winters

Thanks for choosing Xtra Jetstream. This email includes some important information, so please take a moment to read it through.

Getting connected to Xtra JetStream:

We have set up the Xtra User Name and Password for your JetStream account effective from 15/04/04. The line number JetStream Surf Flat Rate is to be connected to is 09 2782557

User Name:

Password: use existing password

Remember to keep this information, as you’ll need it to get your Xtra JetStream connection up and running.

Monitoring Usage:

For Xtra JetStream Surf Flat Rate there is no need to worry about additional (per) Megabyte charges as the plan is “Flat Rate”. We do however recommend seeking advice on protecting your internet connection from unknown causes of usage such as viruses, file share programs etc. You can see at a glance how many megabytes you have used by the following;

To check your usage, visit Alternatively you can use the Telecom JetStream usage meter at

Your email account:

The email address for your Xtra JetStream account is

Dial-up access: (effective from 15/04/04)

All Xtra JetStream accounts are created with a supporting dial-up account. You can use this dial-up account to access the Internet if you’re away from home. It costs $2.50 per hour to access the Internet with this account.

If you had an existing dial-up account with Xtra don’t worry, your new dial-up account has replaced it and you’ll only be charged if you use it.

Dial-up User Name: winters1

Password: use existing password

Installation and Set up

Please note that Xtra does not provide Help Desk support for ADSL modems. If you are having difficulty with the configuration or setup, please contact the modem manufacturer directly.

Installation Tips

Once Telecom has connected and or installed your Jetstream service, it is your

responsibility to install the modem and get Xtra JetStream up and running.

The following settings maybe required for the configuration of your ADSL modem

and setup of your computer:

Operating Mode: G.992.1, G.DMT or ANSI T1.413 iss 2

VPI: 0

VCI: 100

Encapsulation: RFC 2364 (or “PPPoverATM”, also known as “PPPoA”)

Xtra DNS Servers : Primary, Secondary

Incoming Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server:

News Server:

When you are connecting your modem to Xtra JetStream, it’s also important to note that you will need to add the extension “.xadsl” after your normal User Name. It should be entered in the form of an email address such as:

However, your password should be the same as the one you use for your normal account. If you’d prefer a different password then you can change it online at


Security is important in an online environment. As JetStream is an ‘always on’ connection this risk may increase. Go to for more information.

Once you’re up and running check out It’s a new channel on the Xtra Web site that’s been specifically designed for broadband users and it’s stacked full of great content like short films, music videos and streaming audio.

Finally, if you are having any problems with Xtra JetStream, call our Xtra support team on 0800 CALL XTRA (0800 22 55 98). They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Xtra Jetstream Administrator



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