Date: 05/21/04 13:03:30


Subject: Your IncrediMail order confirmation #458392

Dear hugh winters,

Congratulations on purchasing this IncrediMail product!

Your registration information:


Registration code : IM_PREM-1451079969-1650733109


Don’t forget your BONUS goodies!

IncrediMail presents you with specially made Letters, Animations and Notifiers.

After you complete the registration procedure, a new “Bonus Pack” icon will be available on the HELP MENU

Manual registration instructions (repeat for each code):

On the computer with which you intend to use the product, make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet and follow these simple steps:

1. Open IncrediMail.

2. Copy the registration code located above the instructions.

3. In the main window of the IncrediMail application, click on the Help menu (in the task bar) and select “Enter Registration Code”. Paste or insert your registration code in the appropriate textbox.

4. An “Enter Registration Code” dialog will open.

5. Click “Enter” to activate your code.

6. You are ready to begin.


1. This is your personal registration code and is not transferable. If you plan on formatting your PC or want to move your license to another computer, please follow the directions on:

2. Your IncrediMail version may be old and you may need to download and run the “IncrediMail upgrade” in order to register.

The upgrade file can be found at:

3. If you are looking for instructions or experiencing any problems, go to our Trouble Shooters Page where the most common problems are addressed. You can find it at:

4. For any additional questions, email for assistance.



About your order:

Your order has been processed by IncrediMail. This is the name that will

appear on your credit-card statement.

Please include your name and address plus the following information

in all correspondence concerning your order:

Name: hugh winters

Customer Email:

Invoice Number: 401657

Authorized Dealer: 512849498

Order number: 458392

Date of purchase: Thu May 20 20:57:42 2004 EDT

Subtotal: USD $29.95

Processing fee: USD $0.00

Tax: (0.00%) USD $0.00

Total: USD $29.95

Payment method: VISA


You purchased product #98166215158: IncrediMail Premium –

Price: USD $29.95

Qty: 1

Total: USD $29.95

Your registration information:



If you think you may have inadvertently ordered twice, please send all your

order information, including product name, order numbers and order date

to for assistance.

Once again, thank you for your purchase.

IncrediMail Ltd.


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