Rootsweb Homepages

U s e r I D: mwi

P a s s w o r d: b9a2VuHH

(Note that RootsWeb is case sensitive and the password must be

typed *exactly* as it appears here: cutting and pasting is a good

idea … )

When you look in your directory, you’ll see a subdirectory called

‘public_html’. Any HTML or GIF file uploaded to that subdirectory

will immediately be visible to the whole Web at:

Your account has been configured with the amount of disk space

that you requested: if you need more, contact us and arrangements

can be made.

There are only three rules that apply to personal space at RootsWeb:

(1) Upload no copyrighted material, except with permission.

(2) The material must be generally of genealogical interest

and directly related to the genealogy of the account

owner. (Accounts may not be ‘subdivided’ and resold.)

(3) Upload no commercial material.

The ‘no commercial material’ rule is flexible, especially in the

case of Genealogical Societies. For gensocs, if you like then go

ahead and sell memberships, books, and research services. All that

RootsWeb asks is if you sell more than a few hundred dollars a

year through RootsWeb, please donate 5% of your sales to RootsWeb to

help us cover the cost of our servers. BTW, RootsWeb is a friendly

place and we won’t audit your books; commercial activities here are

on the honor system.


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