15 October 1998

31 Park Avenue




Re: Application for Employment –

I am responding to your advertisement in the

My extensive experience in customer services and call centre enviroments over the past thirty years

will enable me to make a considerable contribution to your company.

In particular, I have skills in the following areas:

· Knowledge of call centre environments.

· Experience in the telecommunications industry.

· Troubleshooting modem problems.

· All facets of windows 95 ,windows 98,windows 3.11 and mac error messages involved

with connection to the internet.

· Ability to work well under pressure.

No doubt you are seeking an energetic,enthusiastic individual who is self-motivated and willing to

exceed customer expectations. Therefore I’m delighted to submit my CV for your consideration.

I’d be pleased to be given an interview at a mutually convenient time, so that I can elaborate on how

my skills can be utilised by your organisation.

Please don’t hesitate to call me. I have disclosed my private line so confidentiality is no problem.

Yours sincerely

Hugh Winters

Personal Details

Name Hugh Winters

Address 31 Park Avenue



Telephone [09] 278 2557

Fax [09] 278 3006


1969 School Certificate

Higher School Certificate

Career Summary

International Call Centre 1/78 to 7/82

Customer Service Representative

· Inbound and Outbound Customer services

· Assisting customer with pricing of call charges

· Credit card verification

· Assisting customer with worldwide time differences

National Assistance Call Centre 9/82 to 10/89

Customer Service Representative

· Inbound and Outbound Customer services

· Assisting customer with pricing of call charges

· Handling 111 emergency calls

· Incharge of stores and supplies within the call centre

Directory Assistance Call Centre 11/89 to 9/95

Customer Service Representative

· Inbound Customer Services

· Involved in the Database committee

· Support Assistant

· Acting Team Leader

Telecom Xtra Internet Services 10/95 to present

Customer Technical Service Representative

· Assisting customer inquiries with connections to the internet

· Assistance with troubleshooting modem problems

· Answering billing or logistic inquiries

· Providing solutions to connection problems to Xtra

Hugh Winters Page 1

Summary of Skills

Customer Service includes answering up to 100 incoming calls per day. Assisting customers with troubleshooting problems and customer follow up.

Excellent keyboard skills.Knowledge of Microsoft Word Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 3.11 and Mac Os. Privately handle large amounts of Email inquiries to do with offwork activities.

Communication and Team Player skills includes the ability to work towards customer satisfaction and participate as part of a team to achieve targets and goals.

Courses Completed

Putting People First



Computer – Internet, Email

Sports – Rugby, Rugby League and Golf

Genealogy – Own five mailing lists to do with genealogy history


Mike Mead

Team Leader

Telecom Internet Services [Xtra]

Telephone: [09] 524 3600


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