Name: William DAVERN 1

Sex: M

Birth: ABT. 1831 in Anacarty, Ireland 2

Death: 5 OCT 1890 in Te Kopuru, NZ 3 of Disease of the Heart-Frederick Norton(March 1887)

Burial: 8 OCT 1890 Symonds Str, NZ

Immigration: 7 MAR 1854 left Cowes, England

Event: Ship and Arrival 26 JUN 1854 Auckland, NZ “Egmont”

Event: Army BET. 7 JUN 1852 – 31 AUG 1857 58th Regt. No 2776

Occupation: 1890 Sawmill Hand

Religion: Catholic

Event: Issue 1890 m 30 28 25 22 F 32 26 21 19

Emigration: NZ 32 years

Reference Number: 22

ADDR: Te Kopuru


New Zealand

Medical Information: Cardiac Mitral- 31/2 years


The family from which we are descended was originally called

O’Dvibhdabhoireann. It was first anglicised phonetically as

O’Duvdoren and later shortened to O’Davoren.

The sept was settled in County Clare in the Burren. In

the medieval period the stone fort of Cahermcnaughten

was a well known school where literature and language

was taught. In the 17th century Cahermcnaughten

became known as O’Davorens town. Davern is now

more common than Davoren but apparently in the irish

brogue the pronunciation still sounded like Davoren.

Hence on the birth certificates of Williams children their

surname is spelt Davorin. The recording clerks wrote the

name as it was pronounced.

The family history of the Davern side of the family has so far

been traced to the early 1800s. William Davern married

Catherine Taylor approximately 1820-21, and lived in Tipperary

in the parish of Anacarty. William and Catherine had 5

daughters and 5 sons between 1822 and 1844.Their sixth child

destined to be our ancestor was William, baptised on 6 April

1831 at Donohill, Tipperary. No more information on this family

is known until William entered the army.

William enlisted with the 58th regiment on 7 June 1852

at Jersey as private 2776. His records state his age as

20, but according to his baptismal date, he was 21. It was

around this time that William married Elizabeth Catherine Mara,

daughter of Jeremiah O’Mara. Elizabeth was born in Tipperary.

While in Jersey they had a son, Thomas who died as a baby in 1852.

The couple embarked at Cowes on 7 March 1854 and sailed

to New Zealand on board the “Egmont”, arriving in Auckland on the

26 June 1854. A month out from New Zealand their daughter

Catherine was born.

The family settled at Albert Barracks in Auckland. Unfortunately

Catherine had convulsions and died on 6 July 1854 aged 2 months.

William, their second child was born approximately September 1856,

but died on 2 Jan 1858 aged 2 years 4 months from water on the brain.

William senior signed the death certificate with an X, proving that he was

unable to write.

On 31 August 1857, William received discharge from the army

by purchase. William and Elizabeth then moved to Panmure

where they were blessed with 8 more children. After 1871, the

family moved up to Northern Wairoa settling in Te Kopuru

where they found employment in the mills.

Elizabeth was well known as a midwife in both Te Kopuru and Aratapu.

The fashion was to have a “Granny Davern” knot after birth.

On 5 October 1890 William died in Te Kopuru from heart disease, after

suffering for 3 years, aged 59. He had worked as a millhand. He was buried

with his children, Catherine and William at the Symonds St cemetery.

Elizabeth was to survive William until 15 May 1906, when she died of

a stroke aged 76. Elizabeth was buried at Mt Wesley in Dargaville. There is

no headstone to her memory.

William and Catherine had the following children:

MARY JOSEPHINE,(1858-1930) married William Ringrose. They lived

around Toka Toka Dargaville area. They had eleven children.

WILLIAM,(1859-1910) was a millhand and married Katherine Thomas.

William died of a heart attack and was buried at Mt Wesley.

His descendants are presumably in Auckland.

JEREMIAH,(1860-1908) married Sarah Jane Smith. Jeremiah was a

milkhand and was married in Te Kopuru. 2 of his grandchildren lived

in Thames and Paeroa.

CATHERINE VINCENT,(1863-?) married a Greek, John Moros. They had

2 children, Angelika, who married into the Gabriel family, and George.

MICHAEL,(1864-1939) married Annie Ellis at Tom Smiths house in 1899

in Te Kopuru.The couple moved to Ponsonby, then St Heliers. In 1910

they separated, Michael moving to Devonport with the children. He

is buried at ONeills Point cemetery.

JAMES PATRICK,(1867-1902) was a millhand, working at Aratapu. He died

of pneumonia and was buried at Mt Wesley along with Thomas Fernandez

and James Edgar Smith. Did not marry.

ELIZABETH ALICE,(1869-1939) married Thomas Fernandez.They had

10 children 5 of whom died in childhood. Descendants live in Auckland.

MARGARET,(1871-1941) married Thomas Smith of Whangaroa.

They had 12 children, including twin girls. The family remained

in Te Kopuru until the mills closed after the war, moving

to Horotiu, Putaruru, then finally to the mill at Ngongotaha near

Rotorua. They returned to Auckland before 1940 and stayed

with one of their daughters in Remuera. Tom died of a

heart attack, and Margaret died at St Josephs hospital in

Ponsonby in 1941. Descendants live in Northland and Auckland.

Formerly a flourishing Thormond Sect, the O’Davorens have

now dwindled to small numbers but are still found in Clare and

the adjoining county of Tipperary. They are described as formerly a

learned Brehon family seated at Lisdoonvarna, where they had a

literary and legal school, among the pupils of which was

Duald MacFirbis, the most distinguished of that celebrated of Irish Antiquities

The Four Masters record the death in 1364 of Gillananaev

O’Duibhdabhoireann-so the name was originally spelt-chief brethren of

Corcomroe: it was first anglicised as O’Duvdaren and later shortened to

O’Davoren.The “Wars of Torlough” mention Coradh mic Dhabhoirenn i.e

Davorens weir near Corofin, in 1317. The O’Davorens had a mortuary chapel

in the now vanished church of Noughaval in north County Clare.

Griffiths Index, Co. Tipperary, shows:-

Davern G11 T Kilnannanagh L Barony

” G4 T Clanwilliam ”

” G T Middlethird ”

” G T Slievardagh ”

Davoren T Clanwilliam ”

” T Middlethird ”

G is the number of times the name appears in Griffiths.

T indicates a mention in the Tithe Applotment Rolls of c1820.

While both Anacarty & Donohill are shown on todays maps could only

locate Donohill on the ‘fiche as it was a Parish in the 1850’s.

The Handbook on Irish Genealogy advises:-

Annacarty Parish registers [Catholic] commenced 1821. No C.Of I.

Parish listed. Could be a change of name, or a different Barony

& thus not, as yet, located on the ‘fiche.

No mention of Donohill in the Catholic or C. of I. Parish BDM

commencement date listings. But found on the ‘fiche!

Parish of Donohill. Kilnanannanagh Lower Barony.

Townland Occupier Lessee Use Area Valuation

‘Ballybrack’ Jeremiah Davern Simon Breen H & L 4-3-15 L2-0-0

‘Graffin’ Patrick Devern James Black H & L 15-1-12 L9-15-0

‘Newtown North’ Margaret Davern Stephen Navin Land 1-2-26 L1-0-0

” ” ” ” H & Y —— L1-0-0

‘Rossacrow’ Thaddens Davern Edward Bagwel Land 4-0-14 L3-0-0

Michael ” ” ” ” 0-3-22 L0-15-0

” ” ” ” ” 1-3-7 L1-15-0

” ” ” ” H & G 0-0-12 L0-11-0

James ” ” ” H & L 1-1-38 L0-10-0

Sarah ” ” ” H & L 21-1-38 L13-0-0

Timothy ” ” ” H & L 11-2-36 L8-0-0

H = House[s] L = Land G = Garden Y = Yard

Went through the complete Parish to find these. Really need a

Townland name for a faster & better search. Edward Bagwell,

Esq., was the local squire owning numerous properties. A letter to

‘The Proprietor, ‘Rossacrow’, Donohill

Parish, Co. Tipperary, may elicit an interesting reply?

‘IRISH FAMILIES’ by Edward MacLysaght has data on O’Davoren, P112,

Arms Plate VII. There is a tie in to Davern in the precis.

From Auckland Library Records

According to the late 1950’s tombstone transcriptions William Davern died 5

October 1890 aged 59 years and his children Catherine Mary Davern died 10

July 1854 aged 2 months and William Davern died 2 January 1858 aged 2 years.

The tombstone was erected by William’s wife Elizabeth. The St Benedict’s

register has W. Davern buried in October 1890 aged 59 years. The Town

Clerk’s file 162/59 of 24/8/1959 at Auckland City Council Archives has

Elizabeth Catherine Jury (nee Davern and a grandchild of William) add that

he was formerly in the 58th Regiment and buried in the Catholic section.

Another grand-daughter Mrs Gabriel died in 1958. The St Patrick’s register

has Catherine Daverin buried 7 July 1854 aged 8 weeks, a child of William

and Elizabeth Daverin.

Father: William DAVERN b: ABT. 1790 in Anacarty, Ireland

Mother: Catherine TAYLOR b: ABT. 1800 in Anacarty, Ireland

Marriage 1 Elizabeth Catherine MARA b: ABT. 1830 in Tipperary, Ireland

Married: ABT. 1849 in Jersey, Channel Islands

Marriage fact: 5 OCT 1890 in Te Kopuru, NZ

Marriage Ending Status: Death of one spouse


Thomas DAVERN b: ABT. 1852 in Jersey

Catherine Mary DAVERN b: 2 MAY 1854 in At Sea

William DAVERN b: 21 SEP 1856 in Auckland, NZ

Mary Josephine DAVERN b: 13 MAY 1858 in Panmure, NZ

William DAVERN b: 1859 in Auckland, NZ

Jeremiah DAVERN b: ABT. 1860 in Panmure, NZ

Catherine Vincent DAVERN b: ABT. 1863 in Panmure, NZ

Michael John DAVERN b: 14 OCT 1865 in Panmure, NZ

James Patrick DAVERN b: 1867 in Panmure, NZ

Elizabeth DAVERN b: 1869 in Panmure, NZ

Margaret DAVERN b: 25 JUN 1871 in Panmure, NZ


Title: 58th Regiment Army Index (Hugh Hughes)


Call Number:

Media: Book

Page: 58th Regt. No 2776-7 June 1852-31 Aug 1857

Title: Parish Church Anacarty, Tipperary, Ireland

Publication: Xeroxed Copy

Note: V Good


Note: Anacarty, Ireland

Call Number:

Media: Church Record

Page: P135

Text: Church Records

Title: NZ Births Deaths and Marriages

Author: Registrar General

Publication: Document

Note: Excellent


Note: PO Box 11115, Wellington, NZ

Call Number:

Media: Civil Registry

Page: 1697


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