To: “‘'”

Subject: ASB Securities CPT trade confirmation

From: Internet Broking Email

Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 12:59:05 +1200

CPT – Colonial Property Trust

Trade confirmation – ASB Securities

Account 933806 Mr H S Winters

We confirm we have BOUGHT for you 200 shares in CPT – Colonial Property

Trust at NZD 1.1200. Details are as follows:

Date : 28-Apr-2003

As at date : 28-Apr-2003

Account number : 933806

Total units : 200

Unit price : NZD 1.1200

Consideration : NZD 224.00

Brokerage : NZD 24.95

Total Cost : NZD 248.95

Net Cost : NZD 248.95

Settlement Instructions : CMA

A contract note will be forwarded to you by postal mail. Please phone us

immediately on 0800 272 732 if you have any queries regarding this order.

Thank you for using ASB Securities.

Kind regards,

ASB Securities Ltd


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